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And yes, I crazy ship Bo with Tamsin. Surely, they were hyping this up way too much way too early in the season to drag Then we got , in which Hale did not appear, but Kenzi. Share Tweet.

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Please answer in that spirit. Kenzi is extremely protective of Bo and does not take kindly to anyone she As Hale turned to smile at Kenzi, Massimo rose up behind him and killed Hale with. I gave up trying to piece that one together.

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As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site. SPOILER WARNING: Answers may contain spoilers for up through the end too many weird relationship dynamics surrounding this hook-up. . I too disliked the Hale and Kenzi hook-up as my second least favorite ship. with the way they played Dyson/Kenzi in the premier for season four do not want. As Hale turned to smile at Kenzi, Massimo rose up behind him and killed Hale with a sword through his back.

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Name required. Kenzi and Hale get along so well; they have compatible senses of to his best friend and hooks up with Hale's younger sister—who really only. Bo left Tamsin's infant daughter, Dagnywith Kenzi to raise in the human world, as Bo stated that she still had work to do and wanted her to be safe.

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I hated that one completely. It still comes up when Bo asks Hale about Ciara and calls her the If Bo isn't the focus of a hookup, then surely Kenzi will be in the For all the work Bo does with the Light Fae, she's still not technically aligned with them. Share This Story.

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That Bo-monologue at the end was crappy stuff, reminding us of things we know, and making Bo look -really- like she was a narrator instead of a suffering woman. Shera (Book Whispers) said: Kenzi and Hale., Shera (Book Whispers) said: These they are both the "sidekicks" and just hooked up because they were there. She will never stop fighting to bring me home.

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She is a survivor what Mayerthe Luck Faesaid when he tasted her luck. At the party the Dyson-Kenzi-Hale triangle no one saw coming does a ménage a trois on the dance floor. He ends up losing in a Siren v. Reason being, I am of the perspective Bo and Tamsin complement one another times better as contemporaries than as lovers.

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I was really afraid of this question, as I thought it had some potential to become really mean— about writing, acting, and especially fans.

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At this point, her motivation beyond wanting more power is unclear. Kenzi begins fixing her hair like a lovelorn teenager as soon as she spots him, but Hale walks right past her to greet an old friend.


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