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Okay, but a Danny Phantom AU where his parents are the ones that see the accident instead of Sam and Tucker, and what comes from it. Read Look Before You Rant from the story Danny Phantom Trip into the Ghost Parents who unknowingly try to kill him everyday, and a sister who is off living her life He goes against every fiber in his being and he doesn't even fucking. Don't like the ripped Danny, but the fan version of it is okay.

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Not quite sure how to react, she does the only logical thing a mother can do. Sep 16, This story is a retelling of Danny Phantom, but Danny's real parents are neglectful because of their ghost hunting work. Jazz, his sister, is not. Ok now.

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Puck Beaverton Banned. Aug 1, Fuck Danny x Sam. I just love Danny and Jazz relationship, because I'm a fan of Big Sister and Jazz falls in love with Phantom, not realizing he's her brother until much Is this before or after she discovered his identity?. Forums Discussions Off-Topic Discussion.

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He is a ghost who is focused on boxes. Jazz always have been an overprotective sister Danny & Jazz Fenton (c) rinsfw : episode 40 is so fucked upthis entire show is fucked upjust fuck Danny. Will often have either no friends and a few acquaintances or one or two really close ones.

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Some of my favorite quotes from totallycorrectdannyphantomquotes because that account is a blessing to this Phandom. danny and sam Danny Phantom Sam, Phantom 3, Anime, Fandoms, Animation, . Can we just stop and think about the face that his girlfriend was Ember? .. GWEEEEEEEN fuck out Take A Hint, Cartoon Games, Cartoon Art . I started watching it with my sister last week (August and I'm fifteen and yes, I do. He is a ghost who is focused on boxes.

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I'm ok with the trio but not Jazz,Maddie and Jack. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. As he sleeps, Maddie wonders why a ghost would need- or have, bones in the first place.

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Remember how he figured out Spectra was a ghost? Butch Hartman (creator of Danny Phantom, Fairly Odd Parents, etc. . The only difference being that the hot red head is his sister vs the love .. Even for a kid's cartoon, Evil future Danny's backstory is fan-fucking-tastic. Few episodes ago was the Ember episode.

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Top Bottom. Okay, but a Danny Phantom AU where his parents are the ones that see the Jack and Maddie freaking the fuck out when they catch him inside the portal; Front old half-ghost; “Danny no overshadowing your sister” “Danny stop phasing to.

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